Radialight Electric Radiators

The world is going through a time of change: shifting from fossil fuels to the
electrification of all power consumption. We are contributing to this process by offering you products that provide the heat and comfort you’ve always wished for – sustainably.

With Italian quality and design, because homes are increasingly where our hearts are.Our research and continuous innovation lead to products
created for the mindful use of heating, catered to our personal needs and that can be controlled from anywhere. Intelligent products that inform us
on how much we are spending, learn our habits autonomously, and anticipate our needs. Because this means saving energy by avoiding waste.
Welcome to Radialight Electric heating!


The leading manufacturer of electrical household and industrial heating equipment RADIALIGHT, was created in 2006, with a mission to manufacture designer furniture products to improve comfort and standard of living, using innovative technologies. Rionello is the sole distributor of Radialight Electric radiators in Cyprus.

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