Smart Home

The term “Smart Home” refers to a convenient automation system that will allow you to remotely control devices, plugs, shades, lighting, heating, air conditioning, TVs, entertainment, security systems and other home technologies, anywhere and anywhere in the world, directly from your smartphone or tablet.

By automating devices that are already designed to make your life easier, you are organizing yourself and your routine the way you see and enjoying a smooth flow in your daily life, with every detail. With a smart home automation system, you have every electrical appliance adapting to your personal needs depending on your individual lifestyle.

The Cockpit is an intuitive but simple system that will transform your space into a smart home through a user friendly state-of-the-art app that you can use from your car, office or even your vacation. Its wireless technology means you can automate all devices without ever having to worry about distribution of cables.

  • The cockpit is not intrusive and easy to install
  • It gives you the freedom to connect anywhere and has no hidden costs
  • You can add more devices at any time because it is so flexible
  • It is completely secure, as it uses the same encryption as electronic banking


The regulation of electrical appliances significantly reduces energy consumption

Personalized automation that fits perfectly into your daily routine

Monitor your home at all times and from any location

You will feel like you have a magic wand in your hand, capable of making any device make the most
comfortable, practical and economical decisions.

And all these can be easily adjusted to both new and existing premises, which is a great advantage!

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