With more than 20 years of experience we are now the right company to have on your contact list when your household mechanical equipments need service.

Maintenance services include:

A) Cleaning the airway of the fireplace
The regular seasonal use of the fireplace causes emissions to stuck on the smoke airway. Emissions caused by the use of not right dry firewood or from objects entered from the top of an uncovered chimney (i.e, birds, cement) prevent the fireplace to “breath” properly for the maximum operational efficiency. Maintenance also includes the painting of the fireplace frame (if needed) to cover any scratches caused by the woods or cleaning equipment or any other sharp objects giving your unit a renew look. Every one or two years repainting the frame of the fireplace gives a new eye catching look .

B) Boiler Service
At the end of the summer session and right before the winter session, we recommend our customers an annual boiler service which increases the efficiency of your indoor convectors and hot water units for a warmer winter-time period. Our well-trained staff drive all around the island to ensure that your boiler work properly.

C) Air-condition service
Without doubt the service of the indoor air-conditioning units plays a key role on how much hygiene and fresh is the air that you and your children are breathing. As a company, we are aware of that and we have the most appropriate tools and people for that job.


After Sales Support

The relationship we have with our customers is not an one-off. Life-long interactions based on trust and reliability describe those long last relationships and after sale support is the main reason behind that. We always welcome any kind queries or technical issues that you may face and our responsibility is to transform those issues into reasons to feel happy and relaxed when you enter your home.

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