Central Vacuum System

The central vacuum cleaner system is similar to the electrical or hydraulic installation, but with the only function of cleaning the interior, which it serves. The central unit is placed in a service area or outdoor environment and communicates with the different areas via a central PVC pipe network. All this results in terminal sockets, to which the flexible and lightweight use hose is connected. Due to the high suction, along with the lightness of the pipe helps to reduce the time devoted to cleaning. The dirt (dust, debris, bacteria) is transferred from the piping network to the central suction unit and specifically to a special bucket where there is a washable polyester filter for air purification. Dust, dust mites and bacteria are filtered and expelled from the interior, leaving a perfectly clean and healthy environment. The GDA’s central vacuum cleaner system is a powerful and quiet indoor cleaning system. It silently cleans every space. It is suitable for all types of surfaces: smooth surfaces, wooden floors, carpets, upholstery, curtains, etc.

gda vacuum

GDA Centralized Vacuum Cleaner


General D’Aspirazione was founded in 1974. Since then, the central vacuum systems General D’Aspirazione, now known as GDA, have become a well-known reality in every health-conscious environment – from the kitchen to the bedroom.

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