Underfloor Heating

Underfloor heating evenly distributes space heating and ensures the ideal environment for human comfort. Since the floor is the heated surface, cleaning and maintaining hygiene standards is also easy. In addition, the absence of the transport currents generally generated by the temperature difference between the heating body and the environment restrict any possible dust movement or air impurities (which usually cause allergies). RDZ underfloor heating systems meet the highest standards in the market and have a wide range of solutions that can be applied in very different conditions new or renovated buildings, houses, shops, factories, etc.

Cover System

Acoustic Plus System

New Plus System

Bio System

Slim System

Smooth Aluminized System

Dry System

Eco Dry System

Industrial Shaped Panel

Modulbarra – Supporting Bars

Industry System – Supporting Bars

RDZ is a leading company in Italy on the heating and cooling market of radiant systems since 1978. RDZ’s daily task is to improve indoor comfort in residential, commercial and industrial buildings, both for new constructions and for renovation projects.